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We have been manufacturing high quality printed circuit boards for over 30 years. Due to the accumulated experience, constant investments and optimizations in the machinery and thanks to highly qualified personnel, we can also guarantee the best possible quality of our products due to the high degree of automation.

Compliance with industry-standard tolerances and production in accordance with the applicable IPC guidelines and standards are basic requirements for us. We produce according to the specifications of the current version of the IPC-A-600, class 2 and on request also class 3.

These specifications and tolerances are not set in stone. However, you should discuss any deviating or limited specifications with our team in advance.

The following values and tolerances apply as standard specifications:

General Value / Tolerance
Final diameter plated holes
Final diameter not plated holes
Galvanic copper cladding
min. 20μm
Min. hole diameter mechanical drill
Microvia diamter
Min. restring
Aspect Ratio standard holes
8:1 (max. 13:1)
Aspect Ratio Blindvias
Position accuracy of the holes
Position accuracy of the outline
±0,05mm bzw. ±20%
Additional prints Value / Tolerance
Thickness of soldermask
min. 12μm
Structural width of soldermask
min. 50μm
Position accuracy of soldermask
Structure size of legendprint
min. 150 μm (clipped by copper pads)
Position accuray of legendprint
Structure size of Peelable / Carbon
min. area Ø2mm
Position accuracy of Peelable / Carbon
Surface Value / Tolerance
HAL SPb (not conformal to RoHS)
Thickness 2-50um, ca.63% Sn + 37% Pb
HAL/HASL leadfree
Thickness 2-50 um, ca. 99,9% Sn + 0.1% Pb
Chem. Ni/Au (ENIG)
4-7μm Ni + min. 0,01μm Au
Chem. Ni/Pd/Au (ENEPIG)
4-7μm Ni + 0,2 μm Pd + min. 0,01μm Au
Chem. Tin (Zinn)
min. 0,7μm Sn
Chem. Ag (Silber)
min. 0,07μm Ag
Edgeconnector (galv. Hardgold)
4-7μm Ni + min. 0,8μm Au

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