Full service

Advanced service for PCB mass production



The “Full-Service” is a service reserved for users with a VAT number, subject to acceptance by the Costumer Service..
The distinguishing feature of the “Full-Service” service is the use of definitive equipment, and therefore the creation of ad hoc installations for each individual PCB, so that at the time of reordering, it will no longer be counted and evaluated.
This type of service also allows access to non-standard machining (e.g. blind or buried holes) and, should the characteristics allow it, to a far-eastern quotation.
In the ‘Full-Service’ service, customisation is total, from the type to the non-standard characteristics, always through a clear and simple interface.
Double CAM checks by specialised technicians, with a dedicated check list and data sheet, are a must..
Everything will be tailor-made for your PCB.
If you would like to have access to ‘Full-Service’, send an e-mail to info@mypcbstore.de, we will evaluate your request within a few working days.