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Alba Pcb Group

MYPCBSTORE was born from the experience of the ALBA PCB GROUP companies, offering a quick and easy solution to buy printed circuit boards online through a highly professional, customised/customised and technologically advanced service.
ALBA PCB Group is a highly specialised group of companies that has been operating in the PCB supply sector for over 30 years.
The parent company, now headquarters and first company of the group, was founded in 1989 and is based in Mogliano Veneto.
In the following years it has managed to evolve, creating new opportunities and becoming a global partner for those who need printed circuit boards.
The group works in strong synergy thanks to expert professionals who are always at the customer’s disposal, satisfying all customer requirements from a logistical, timing, prototyping and creation of any type of circuit board point of view. Despite an ever-changing market, over the years, the Group has always kept pace with all the changes by offering products and services of ever-increasing quality.
Alba PCB Group aims to gain market share through its constant search for product innovation and the resilience of its supply chain capable of providing timely service both at the sales and after-sales stages. Our strong passion leads us to face everyday challenges by always putting the customer first, offering trust, reliability and an all-round personalised service.

AAB Tech

PCB Far East

AAB Tech offre ai propri clienti una gestione organizzata e affidabile di prodotti e servizi su misura per il circuito stampato di produzione Far East. L’attenzione alla qualità massima su tutto il ciclo commessa: dall’ingegnerizzazione del prodotto, alla consegna del circuito finito, con la garanzia di una gestione logistica puntuale e precisa.

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Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 3 31021 Mogliano Veneto (Treviso) ITALY

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