Pool service

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The “Pool-Service” is our fast and economical sampling service, without sacrificing the quality and speed of European production.
The secret is in making a KIT of several circuits of different orders and the same characteristics, thus creating a single multiple piece of equipment, reducing waste and speeding up production; with this service we do not have a minimum or maximum order quantity.
The equipment will be non-returnable but re-orderable.

The Pool-Service is fully customisable, from the size to the type of delivery (single or panel), from the finish to the colour of the solder-ink, and many other parameters. You can decide the delivery date in total autonomy.

The order will be handled totally online, 24/7, without the need for a sales engineer, thanks to the simple and intuitive interface.
You will be able to evaluate multiple quantities and timeframes at your convenience, so you can find the most suitable solution for you!
In the Pool-Service, we will process the order with the same care and precision, carrying out a double CAM check with specialised technicians, to guarantee the best product and that it reflects the customer’s requirements.
The production line, located in Europe, will guarantee the best production standards, without subcontracting or third parties.